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Welcome to Neptune Tattooville. Hands down the finest tattoo parlor in the universe. Here in Neptune we run a clean, professional tattoo parlor. Located between Neptune and Asbury Park, you get a street shop atmosphere, with the option of full custom tattoo experience, should you desire it.

Piercing is available from Wednesday -Sunday

Please note: WE DO NOT PIERCE MINORS regardless of parental consent, no exceptions!

We accept walk-ins everyday, as well as work by appointments.

Appointments cannot be made over the phone, as we require a $40 cash deposit. Take a look at our shop and view superb work executed by our artists. Nowhere will you find a finer pearl at the Jersey Shore, where continuing the tradition of clean, solid, bold, east coast tattooing has always been our mission. The Heavy Style.



225 Route 35
Neptune NJ

Conveniently located at the corner of highway 35 and West Lake Ave. in the L&L Plaza, Neptune NJ.
A few miles from the Garden State parkways' Asbury Park toll (exit 102) or Route 18.

Shop Hours

Monday - Saturday
* 12PM - 9 PM

* 12PM - 7PM

Piercing is available
Wednesday - Sunday

We do NOT pierce minors, even with a parental consent. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Body Piercing Price List

Tongue $65.00
Navel $54.00
Eyebrow $54.00
Nipple $54.00 - For One $86.00 For Both Nose $54.00
Lip, Labret Or Monroe $54.00
Industrial $65.00 Conch, Rook Or Tragus $54.00

All Prices include tax and jewelry All Other Piercings Call The Shop For info

Neptune Tattoo Artists

A tattooist of everyday people. He started tattooing in 1995 under the tutelage of Butch Comer in Keansburg/Hazlet area.

From there he went to Body Art World in Point Pleasant in 1996, working with local legends Mike 'The Spike' Schweighert, Tom 'One of Fifty' Yak and Robert 'Bink' Ryan.

Having travelled to study and be tattooed by legends such as Don Ed Hardy, Daniel Higgs, Lance McLain of Hawaii, Bob Roberts, Horiyoshi III of Yokohama Japan, Freddy Corbin, and Mike Wilson. Patrick has formed his style and design sense of tattooing after those he has been tattooed by and studied.

After leaving Point Pleasant he tattooed in Philadelphia at Body Graphics for a spell, then up to Linden, NJ to work at Tattooville for Shoe, and with Tony No Toes, Damion Ross and occasionally Jack Rudy. After many years in Linden, Patrick opened Neptune Tattooville in 2004 with the blessing of Shoe.

He enjoys tattooing people who want simple, clean, solid tattoos. Tattoos that look like real tattoos, ones that will age gracefully with the client over the lifetime of the client. He prefers to work in the traditional American style and Japanese work.

Dave has been tattooing for over 23 years, starting off with an apprenticeship in a small walk-in studio in New Jersey. Though mostly working in his home state of New Jersey, he has also spent time working in California, Philadelphia, New York City, and overseas. For the main part of his career he has worked in flash style studios, where the tattoo is simply picked off the wall from preexisting designs. During those years he always focused on custom designs for customers, but it wasn't until he worked at Body Graphics Tattoo Studio, and New York Adorned where he really started to hone his style.

Although diverse in his style, he likes to apply tattoos in a clean, staightforward fashion. Tattoos that look like tattoos, be it Traditional American, Polynesian style tribal work, or Japanese influenced designs. He wants his tattoos to be grounded in the past, enabling them to stand up to the test of time. It's about maintaining the integrity of a design over time thus allowing it to grow and age with the person who wears it.Quotes Dave. He also keeps in mind how the tattoo contours to the body, and its balance within the space that it is placed upon.

Over the years he has won different awards for his tattooing, and has had his work featured in numerous tattoo magazines. His work was also included in a book on New York City Tattooing by Mike McCabe. In addition to tattooing Dave paints, and has been featured in numerous group tattoo art shows.

Dave Shoemaker currently works at Tattooville in Neptune, New Jersey. He can be reached Tuesdays through Fridays at the shop for appointments or questions.

Erik has been tattooing in Neptune for several years after 'doing time' in Asbury Tattoo. He learned to tattoo under the guidance of Patrick Dean and Dave Shoemaker, following proudly in the tradition of those before him. His focus is clean, solid methodical tattooing, just like his mentors. Originally from vermont, we give him a pass for being slow in his response time to almost everything. As shown is his photo, he cleans up real well and is quite a hit with the ladies and gay men everywhere.

Pete Pedersen has taken the long road at achieving his tattoo skills. His background in art of all mediums has proven to be vital in his development as a tattooer and as an artist. Working at print shops, screen printing factories, and in the fields of photography and graphic design all eventually lead to his discovery and love for tattooing. After spending much of the late 1990's loitering around jersey shore tattoo shops Pete finally landed a job at a local shop as a body piercer. During his time working as a piercer he started to acquire much tattoo knowledge under the guidance of Jim Weiss (now at Black Panther Tattoo). An opportunity to fulfill another dream of playing music fell in Pete's lap right around the same time and he took a brief break from the tattoo world to peruse his passion in music, all the while still working as an artist. After a few years on the road Pete decided he needed to get back to his original passion of becoming a tattooer. His chance came in the way of a job working as the shop manager of Neptune Tattooville complete with an apprenticeship. There he learned to tattoo under the guidance of Patrick Dean and Dave Shoemaker, following proudly in the tradition of all those before him.

Chuck got his start in this shady business by apprenticing with Vinny Kapelewski, a Neptune native like himself, at Sinister Ink (now known as Revolver Tattoo) in New Brunswick. Upon completing his apprenticeship, he went on to work with Vinny and Joshua Disotell at Broken Heart Tattoo in Keyport for 5 good years before settling in at Neptune Tattoo in April of 2010..

When he's not watching the Cooking Channel, listening to sludgy doom metal or teaching his son Lucas how to "color inside the lines", he is constantly woodshedding; trying to simplify and refine his work, and strives to apply a clean, solid tattoo.

Besides looking over the shoulders of his fellow tattooers at Neptune Tattoo, he also admires the work of Thomas Hooper, Shige, Filip Leu, Chris O'Donnell, Scott Sylvia, Kore Flatmo, and Trevor McStay, as well as the alchemical paintings of William Blake, old woodcuts and engravings, buddhist and hindu religious art, and masonic symbolism...All hail the Trident!

Little Christopher Smith hails from Sandy Hook, New Jersey. He enjoys a radical lunch, surfing hella waves, skateboarding with buds, and entertaining hot chicks. You will usually find his best girl, Leche (his baby dog), at his side when he is not tattooing at Neptune Tattooville, where he works for the most gnarly awesome bosses Patrick Dean and Dave Shoemaker. Little Chris, or LC as his friends call him, prides himself on his ability to get wild and loves his mother like all radical dudes do.

Bryan Kienlen's relationship with tattooing began back in '89 when he built his first machine and learned by tattooing friends and fellow members of the punk rock community. However it wasn't long before his band The Bouncing Souls became so busy with releasing albums and touring the world that a tattooing career would have to take a back seat for awhile. Over the past 25 years Bryan has been the sole designer of all Bouncing Souls merch including all CD covers/booklets and T-shirts, many of these original drawings being inspired by classic tattoo imagery. Once the band finally slowed down enough to think straight, Bryan immediately dove back into tattooing, learning the right way through an apprenticeship at Immortal Ink with Josh Kohn. After a handful of successful years there, Bryan joined the crew here in Neptune Tattooville.



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225 highway 35 Neptune, NJ 07753